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Sweden - Söderköping


Municipality of Söderköping in Sweden 

Söderköping Commune is located in southern part 15 km from Norrköping in Sweden. St. Anna Archipelagowith thousands of its islands occupies the most part of commune area. The town itself is one of the oldest towns of Sweden and richest of historical evidences. The number of inhabitants – 14 000. Land Area – 678 km2

The first delegation from Talsi visited Söderköping in 1993. Cooperation Agreement of unlimited duration between Söderköping Municipality and town Talsi was concluded in 1996.

Several times Cooperation and friendship between Söderköping Municipality in Sweden and Talsi Municipality in Latvia had been mentioned as example of very successful cross-border cooperation. 

The aim of cooperation between municipalities:


  • To promote cooperation and understanding between both towns.
  • To organize exchange of experience and knowledge in activities of municipalities.
  • To establish contacts between inhabitants of Söderköping and Talsi.
  • To ensure for people to acquire knowledge and experience exchange in different branches such as culture, sports, education, tourism, entrepreneurship, economics and, etc. 

This cooperation is occurring thanks to the mediation between liaison persons and departments, authorities, enterprises, non-governmental organizations, inhabitants.

The Cooperation Agreement is based upon democratic management style and involves maintenance of culture heritage and cultural traditions, information of history, improvement of educational system, health care, environment protection, economical growth and development of economy, sport and tourism.

Cooperation between Söderköping and Talsi had encouraged economical development of former Talsi District and had strengthened friendship bonds between many people in both towns. More than 320 inhabitants from Talsi had been in Söderköping to cooperate in different branches.

The authorities of former Talsi District had gained large material support. Especially authorities of culture and sports, schools, kindergartens, hospital, health care authorities, Deaconry and Crisis centre were supported with stock and needed equipment. Relief consignments had been received in amount of 25 million kronor. 

Homepage of Söderköping Municipality is available at: 

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