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About Talsi region


Talsi county –  the Green pearl of Courland

Wind here is harsh

And in skirts serious colours blossom

Just like storm in the sea

Just like soil and a grain

But Suns there are two for us –

The Great one and this one, under the palm –

            Mark of protection in corner of a blanket

Does not set. It is. And blossoms.  

                                                                               / M.Laukmane/ 


Talsi – a town on nine hills. The administrative centre is located on hill Krievragkalns. It includes Talsi Country Council, hotel and sport centre. Town’s romantic streets, world of art and music and cafés create a special atmosphere. Talsi possesses historical constancy, magic of today and futures mysteriousness. Over the nine hills a trail leads to both Talsi lakes where you can look at your mirror reflection and dream your dreams away.

Travelling around Talsi by bicycle or car you will find places that inspire to think about beautiful country of Latvia, its nature, its people, and history. Talsi Rectory, Karl Friedrich Amendas room and final resting place, Skaņu taka (Trail of Sounds),  Sapnu ezers (Dream Lake), hill Milzu kalns and Sirdsezers (Heart Lake) makes anyone day-dream.

The top of hill Kamparkalns overlooks the Baltic Sea, but in winter hills Kamparkalns and Maķīškalns are waiting for people who enjoy pleasures of winter but in Folklore Path of farmstead “Jāņkalni” feel the Latvian spirit!

Give joy to your children by going to Laumas Natural Park  and get to know mysteries surrounding lives of bees and birds, enjoy blossoming water lilies, taste pancakes with honey, pour a wax candle  play miniature golf and spend a night in pixy kingdom!  Visit Vandzene, Valdemārpils or Laidze and breath the unique air of country side, taste raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, goat cheese  and sklandrausi (a traditional dish in Latvian cusine).

Nature speaks! Every blade of grass, reed, bird and flower in millions of voices speak to you in Balgale, Lauciene, Ķūļcienms. Travelling around lake Engure listen to bird songs, breath in orchid perfume, caress a horse, watch blue cows in lake’s lush meadows. Views from observation towers of Lībagi and Ģibuļi will let you forget the moment and become a part of nature!

There is not enough romance in your life? Go to Sabile through Stende and climb the Wine Hill  the resplendent natural landscape will awake lyrical feelings and unforgettable emotions right here – in the heart of Courland.

Sabile wine will make your life palatable and beautiful.  but its only the beginning of your journey – Pedvale Open-Air Art Museum, Drubazu botany trail, Imulas Fairy-tale trail, Hub of the river Abava, The Sock Tavern and many other amusements and attractions are waiting for you in Sabile. 

Each of us deserves peace in our hearts, minds and souls. Talsi County surprises with its many houses of worship, palaces, manor houses and museums, Abava River,

lakes and different range of attractions and places to spend the night. In Lauciene parish soul can be replenish in church and in its manor house – Nurmuiža complex which is located nearby. Pine woods surrounding Talsi County are inviting you on berry and mushroom picking. Invite your friends along and enjoy Talsi County – the pearl of Courland! Spare lake view to Usma from observation tower.


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