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Estonia - Saare

Saare County (Estonia)


Saare County or Saaremaa is one of 15 counties of Estonia. It consists of Saaremaa, the largest island in Estonia, and several other islands nearby. Saare County consists of 16 municipalities and its total area is 2 922 km2 with 34 723 inhabitants.

The first Twinning Agreement was signed in November 14th 1998 for five years between Saare County Council and Talsi District Council. The contract was extended in 2003, 2008 and 2013. Both sides agree to continue mutually beneficial long term cooperation in cultural, educational and social sphere development, as well as, to cooperate in joint projects, to advance economic growth and to exchange information regarding EU and other funds. 

Completed projects:

  • November 2005 -  participation in a Priority North Project “Raising environmental Adjustment and Awareness in Talsi and Saaremaa Districts” of European Communities Initiative programme Interreg IIIA; 
  • May 2006 -  participation in a Priority North Project “Green Peace for Talsi and Saaremaa” of European Communities Initiative programme Interreg IIIA; 
  • February 2006 – participation in Baltic Sea Region Interreg IIIA project for neighbouring countries “Livonia Maritima”.
  • Participation in Latvian – Estonian Cross-border Cooperation Programme “Higher Competitiveness of Border Regions”, its project “One Vacation – Two Countries” aims to promote Estonian – Latvian cross-border cooperation and to develop North Courland’s competitiveness in tourism sector. The participants of the project are - Kuressaare City Government, Talsi Region Information Centre and Ventspils City Council. Project plans for Talsi County are: 
    - to take part in international tourism fairs (Saint Petersburg, Helsinki, Rīga, Tallinn and Vilnius)
    - to develop joint tourist routs for island of Saaremaa and Region of North Courland
    Start date and expiry date: June 1st, 2009 – May 31st 

Former local governments of Talsi Municipality once cooperated with local governments of Saare County and their friendly relations are continued, for example – Town of Talsi and City of Kuressaare signed Twinning Agreement in 1998. In 2002 Agreement of Cooperation between Lauciene Rural Territory and Muhu Parish was signed, and the friendship between Muhu Elementary School and Lauciene Elementary School is already lasting for 25 years.  During these years both municipalities have held experience visits and have had an active cooperation in fields of culture and education. In 2000 Twinning Agreement between Ģibuļi Rural Territory and Orissaare Parish of Saare County was renewed. All these years collective experience visits have been held between councils of both parishes, as well as, an active cooperation in culture and educational fields. Artist collectives have regularly participated in festivals organized by City of Kurissaare, for example, annual Sea Festival were each year people from neighbouring costal countries meet to better understand cultural riches of their land and its ties with Saaremaa and Courland.

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