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Turkey - Alanya

City of Alanya (Turkey)
Alanya, formerly Alaiye, is a beach resort city and a component district of Alanya province in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey, 138 kilometres (86mi) east of the city of Alanya. This city also is a holidat resort located on the south coast of Turkey with its popular and  still-breathing ancient history. The city's unique, natural and blue flagged beaches lie along the south shores. In the winter, the air temperature is 14o C while the sea's is 18oC and in summer, the air's is 27oC while the sea's is 25oC on average. Snow is regarded as an impossible natural event there. Toros MT, with their heights exceeding 2 thousend meters,lloks like a coat sewed with snow. There are 20 rivers flowing from the top of mountains to Meditarrean sea, carrying the melting snow as water in the fresh time of spring. Alanya has had many names up to know: Coracesium, Kalonoros and Alanya. Today with its history that survived against thousands of years , Alanya is nominated as UNESCOS's World Haritage Site.
The cooperations between the city of Alanya and Talsi Municipality will include cultural exchange, promotion of cooperation , business exchanges and cooperation between non - governmental organizations. This cooperation started in 2006.
Educational cooperation include: Teacher exchange program; Sister Schools, Mutual exhibitions and workshops between the schools of both cities. 
Cultural exchange: Implementation of EU projects between Alanya and Talsi Muniipalities related with the field of culture and protection of historcial assets; Promotion of cultural and historical assets of both cities; Mutual workshop between Alanya and Talsi in order to bring the cultural sides of the both cities in the foreground. 
Cooperation in sports area: participation and cooperation for the sports organizations; Cooperation with other subjects with sport of outdoor specialization.
Security sector: Cooperation between Municipal police; Tourism security; First Aid tuition by a Latvian Trainer in Alanya and a Turkish trainer in Talsi.
Business exchanges: Exchange of expereence and knowledge; Exchanges of best Practices (hotel, confernece business, welness).

 Bistro „Alanya” is opened in Talsi

The suprise was big when we learned that in Talsi, Big Street 16 is opened the fast-food company or bistro named "Alanya" where Turkish cook is preparing the food. As we know, the Turkish city Alanya is Talsi Municipal official partners, which takes a lively cooperation. About the new company are also presently suprised friends in Alanya, so we went to find out how the company owner had the idea to offer its own national dishes to people in Talsi.


How did the idea about bistro with the specific menu opening in Old town of Talsi?

In Talsi Ali Seturks, bistro „Alanya” author of the idea and its owner, have be living two years. Before that, he lived in Germany for 24 years, but for his native city called Alanya in Turkey. The owner discovered that set up a company, which exports the beef cattle form Latvia to Turkey. Export market closing and Ali turned to sheep. However, A. Seturka profession and passion is cooking, the future he wants to be associated with this industry.

Introduce in Talsi small part of Turkish culture – that is A. Seturka’s bistro opening goal. „Turkish cuisine consists not only the kebabs, the characteristic also the other dishes, including soups and stews. Willingly preparing spicy and strong dishes, that produces energy for people,” said Ali. Bistro menu is very different – lasagne, burgers, pizzas, pastas, ravioli. He is tried to interested in citizens with meat skewers offer, but, it has not seemed enticing for visitors, so now the most popular food is kebab. Ali Seturks from Latvian cuisine willingly chooses beet soup. The visitors already favorite the new bistro, that show the wide range of clients and a rich selection of dishes.

There, including Ali, employs three people. „No one wants to work!”, said A. Seturks, with particular emphasis on paradox that unemployment situation unable to find employees.

Ali Seturkam is promising future intentions, not to stop, but continue to expand the business, that is, to open a restaurant in Riga.


Inga Priede, Inita Fedko

Talsi Municipality Public Relations Department

Started cooperation in the field of sports with Alanya's Municipality in Turkey

Between Talsi Municipality and Turkish city of Alanya every year are exchange visits in various areas, such as culture, education, tourism. Without support from the municipality and official visits would not be possible such cooperation. In 2014 the cooperation has been very successful and have started cooperation in the field of sports. At the initiative of Normuds Krūze, in 2014 October to Alanya went beach volleyball players to organize and participate in a beach volleyball tournament for friendship. In delegation was PR department manager Inga Priede, who was organized agenda of visit, deputy and Laucienes sports center manager Normuds Krūze, who organized a frienship tournament, sport depratment head Aivars Pekmanis. In delegation also included the following players Madara Bajāre, Elīza Matroze, Anda Jaunpujēna-Krūze, Jurijs Siņkevičs.

In Alanya was warm and sunny weather, when the delegation arrived. Already on the first day was the training in beach volleyball court on the Mediterranean coast. Initially, both in training and in friendlies intervened hotel owner Murat Sipohiaglu with his friends, but at the beginning of the work week, both players joined Alanya sports school representatives and the sports department administrative staff and other players whose hobby is sports. A four-day training ended with a friendly tournament in which the winning laurels plucked Eliza Matroze with her partner Blentu, honorable 2nd place Jurijs Sinkēvičš and Sema, and 3rd place and Cup Normunds Krūze and Lalei. But the main prize was clearly new friends and future friendship. It should be noted that the games were held MIX teams by drawing lots partners. One of the main rules - team one woman and one man.

1st place - Eliza Matroze with her playing partner Blentu


2nd place - Jurijs Siņkevičs andSema
3rd place and Cup - Normunds Krūze and Lale

In addition to training sessions and friendly matches, Talsi members of the delegation also visited Alanya Municipality chairman Adem Murat Yucel. During the meeting the parties discussed about the current cooperation and future activities in the next year. Despite Yucel's is very busy,  to our delegates he was  shown a great honor and a promise to visit Latvia next year in August. Talsenieki also visited the Latvian Honorary Consul in Alanya Nurkan Sasmaz office and gave prezents with Latvian symbols for office design. Inga Priede also met with Alanya's sports department manager Mr Uğur Levent to reach an agreement on mutual cooperation in the field of sports, and the two countries' participation in international tournaments in different sports. Nice and warm welcome guests from Talsi suffered a huge "Goldcity" Hotel Alanya region in the mountains at many talsenieku friend, chef Hayrullah Demiray who Alanya days Talsos presented its own national dishes. All days with Talsi delegation spent together Alanya Sports Department Director Ahmet Emre Payalioğlu assistant, who also presented the guests with the most important places in Alanya. Talsenieki met also with other, now long-standing friends.


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